Monday, April 6, 2015

Dr. Seuss

I will probably have many more posts about Dr. Seuss before the semester is over because I love him! I love his books so much because they just make me happy when I read them. Is it the weird word combinations, or just the weird words? Maybe it's his messages he sends through his books, like in Oh the Places You'll Go, or the Lorax; McGelligot's Pool or the Sneetches. He teaches children and adults some important life lessons through his books.

I think my favorite book of his is Fox in Sox. It is by far the most difficult book to read because it is just tongue twisters all the way through. But that's what makes it so much fun!

No matter who our favorite authors are or what type of books we like I think it's so important that we pick up a book every once in a while and let ourselves take an adventure. Reading words on a page, turning actual pages, has something about it that swiping on a screen just doesn't quite give you. When I graduate I am so excited to read some of the books I haven't had time to. Not saying textbooks aren't interesting...but really...they're not as great as Harry Potter. So let's read this summer!

What's Your favorite book?

Answers to prayers at Conference

My husband and I were able to attend the morning session of General Conference on Sunday April 5th. I served my mission on Temple Square so I was so excited to go back. That session was amazing. President Monson spoke and I just felt the spirit telling me over and over again that yes! he is a prophet of God. Elder Holland also spoke in that session and I felt the spirit telling me things that I needed to hear during that talk. I always love Elder Holland's talks, but this time was personally powerful to me. You know how a lot of people talk about writing down questions before Conference so you can have them answered during it? Well I didn't do that this time, but I felt at the beginning of the session that I should write some of my thoughts. I pulled out my notebook and wrote some things I wanted to know about the Savior. I said a silent prayer in my mind, pleading with Heavenly Father to help me have a stronger testimony. During Elder Holland's talk I looked down at the desires I had written and started to cry because Heavenly Father had already answered my prayer. I know that God lives. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and that everything will work out because of Him. I know that God answers prayers, every single one! And I know that I can be happy because of them.

If you are also questioning any of these things. That's ok. God loves you and He wants to answer your questions. He will answer them in the way that only you will notice, because He knows you. I know it often doesn't seem that things will work out, but I testify that if you put your trust in the Lord and He will lead you by the hand. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the restored church and I love it.

Monday, March 23, 2015


I love the hymns. Every Sunday I am able to hear such beautiful music with beautiful words about our Savior Jesus Christ. I love to hear my husband play the hymns on the piano here in our apartment too. He helps bring the spirit in to our home, and we always get along better afterwards. I know that D&C 25:25 is true "a song in the heart is a prayer unto me." Music about the gospel reaches straight to Heaven, and sometimes angels sing with us. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christ's church today. I know that Heavenly Father loves me, and I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. I know He lives, and they let the Spirit dwell within us.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


As we watched this movie today I realized that it is the only Disney movie I know of where the main characters do not end up together at the end. Weird. Not only do they not end up together at the end of the first movie, but then Pocahontas ditches John Smith in the 2nd movie for John Rolfe. Now I know that it's based off of a real life story so Disney couldn't really change that...but seriously that's so sad! And what are the odds that the guy she ends up with has the same name as the guy she loved in the first movie? Maybe I feel a little bitter because that's how real life is most of the time. Most people don't marry the first person they ever date, or even the first person they ever love. Plus also, I have my own story with ending up with a guy who has the same name as the first person I dated. Awkward. Anyway, usually I think I go to the movies or watch TV to get away from reality, to feel like magic is real, to see people living happily ever after...

But ya know what?...we CaN have a happily ever after in real life because of the gospel! Latter day Saints are basically Disney characters! Hmmm cool.

Girl in a Country Song

Ever since I heard the new song "Girl in a Country Song" I have been more than a little annoyed with the radio. Those girls got it right when they wrote about how wrong it is to portray women as sexual objects in country songs. A lot of songs, not all, talk about women and how they shake their money-makers and how their legs look in booty shorts and how it doesn't matter if you're committed, you can have a one-night stand and forget the whole thing tomorrow. WhAt??!! Who decided that any of that was ok to sing about on the radio? Actually, who decided that any of that was okay at all? Sorry for ranting a little bit, but I just have some strong feelings about objectification of women and I'm mad at all of the male country song-writers right now. And I'm also upset that most people think the only kinds of songs that objectify women are rap songs. Not true. Country songs are pretty bad about it too. Maybe some things will change now that those girls were brave enough to write a song about the truth.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


So my husband and I were watching Rugrats last night...yes we were...and the episode was about the babies going to the movies. I was laughing at myself because I kept applying it to this class. My husband laughed at me too. The babies saw a preview of a Reptar movie and thought it was real. They are most definitely still infants so they can't distinguish between reality and TV. Then they went to the movies and kept looking for Reptar as if he was a real dinosaur. Now, I'm not going to say that this show displays a lot of great messages that everyone should learn, especially because Angelica is a really bad role model, but apparently there are some episodes that are actually backed up by research haha.

Powerful Women

The video we watched in class on Wednesday really made me think about the shows I watch and what messages are being sent about women. I thought about how the video said that most protagonists in movies and TV are male and females are usually represented as weak. But then I thought about the show I've been watching, Once Upon A Time, and why I think I like it so much. It's because the main characters are women! Powerful, strong, courageous women! Now there are definitely things in that show that portray women sexually, and that do a disservice to men by making a few of them kind of chauvinist. But the majority of the messages being sent through that show are that women can be the authors of their own lives and they can be heroes too. I noticed that last week and mentioned it to my husband. He said he hadn't really thought about it, but it was pretty cool. You see, he's addicted to the show as well which makes me happy that he's watching a show that is very much about women, when usually he hates chick flicks. Once Upon  A Time is not your usual chick flick though. It's not all about getting the guy and hanging out with the girls; it's about doing what's right and sacrificing yourself for what matters most: family. I love it! The whole premise of the show is parents and children fighting for each other. It's true though that some of the relationships are not good parent-child relationships, but they do talk about how to make it up to their children for messing up in the past. It's almost as if they're teaching repentance and forgiveness, which is pretty cool. Anyway, just another reason for me to like this show.